ekspert negocjacji WNR 2015negocjacjeEmmy Godwin Irobi (Ph.D) is a Mediator in Poland. He was trained and accredited by Polish center of mediation, and had further mediation education at the Law School, University of New Mexico, Alburqueque. He is currently doing his Post doctorate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, with a bias on Mediating in a Multicultural arena. Emmy has dual citizenship; Polish and Nigerian. He lives permanently in Poland. He has also widely published for Mediation journals in Poland.

I admired the determination of the Polish team to win the tournament, which they showed in the usage of good strategies.

NEGOCJATOR1. Emmy, we are just after the international tournament Warsaw Negotiation Round 2015. What was Your role in this tournament?
Emmy: My role during the International tournament in Warsaw negotiation round 2015 was that of a juror or expert supervisor. It is a role that gave me the opportunity to observe simulated negotiation rounds and give feedbacks to participants.

2.How do You feel about WNR 2015?
Emmy: It was not very easy task and I took it seriously, as if it was a real scenario. It was very challenging indeed. And I must admit that the atmosphere was very friendly and good and personally I felt relaxed and satisfied.

3. This is not the first time, when You are an expert at WNR. As far as I have seen, You are very pleased in taking part in WNR 2015. Can You tell us why?
Emmy: Your observation is correct. This was not my first time in participating in Warsaw negotiation rounds. I was invited last year by the organizers to perform the same task as expert juror with other international experts from US, and Great Britain and Poland. This year (2015) WNR was another opportunity to exchange ideas and learn new things from both student participants from different parts of the world, and experts. Mutually everybody was sharpening his or her negotiation skills to improve capability.

4. Was negotiation scenarios in this year hard and various?
Emmy: Every negotiation scenario was unique and challenging at different levels. The scenarios this year were not very easy for some participants. I admired watching how the participants applied different types of strategies to make a deal. I sincerely would like to congratulate those who set and chose these scenario for their creativity and wish them well.

5.What distinguished the best negotiators of WNR 2015?
Emmy: The negotiators were distinguished by their ability to manage emotion and application of necessary skills to make concessions during the process.

6. If You are to point most important attributes of good negotiator, what would that be?
Emmy: A good negotiator must be flexible, patient, knowledgeable. He or she must try to acquire the important skills of clear communication, and be able to use his BATNA efficiently.

7. If You are to point best business negotiation practices, what would You point?
Emmy: During negotiation practice I will advise parties not rush in making a deal that is not sustainable. It takes time to make a good deal. Negotiators have to remain flexible, not always focusing on their positions but articulating clearly interests.

WNR 2015 interview with expert Emmy Irobi - WARSAW NEGOTIATION ROUND8.Coming back to WNR 2015. You have watched very carefully also polish representation. How do You evaluate skills, negotiation style and level of our team?
Emmy: Although this year was very competitive, I admired the determination of the Polish team to win the tournament, which they showed in the usage of good strategies. Though they did not win this year their acquired experience will be useful in the future. However the students were well prepared.

9.Which situation of WNR 2015 You will remember as funniest?
Emmy: I don’t recall any situation that is funniest. However, I will say that I enjoyed every bit of my interaction with the participants. The party at the hotel after the tournaments was good when we shared happy memories of the WNR.

10.How will You remember WNR 2015?
Emmy: I will remember the WNR 2015 as a successful tournament and once again will like to congratulate the organizers and the sponsors that made it happen.

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